Most iPhone Repairs are fairly easy once you have practiced a couple of times. One of the most difficult things about repairing an iPhone is the many different size screws and fasteners. There are over 20 screws you need to remove when taking the phone apart, with each screw having a different diameter or length. taking it apart is the easy bit, but putting it back together can be a minefield if you don’t keep a close eye on which screw goes where.

Anyway, that being said, lets talk about iPhone screen repairs. In another article on the site I discuss how to determine which part of your screen needs replacing, so if you are not sure, have a look at that article.

Having decided which part of the screen to repair, it is essential to search for a new replacement screen for your particular model of iPhone.

Even though, for example, only the outside screen is damaged (the touchscreen or digitiser), you may have to replace both the touchscreen and the LCD screen at the same time. This is because on some iPhone models, the digitiser is almost impossible to remove form the LCD screen, well, not without damaging the LCD in the process.

Here is a list of what you can and can’t do for each version of the iPhone:

  • iPhone 5 – You have to replace both screens at the same time
  • iPhone 4S – As with the iPhone 5, both screens need replacing together
  • iPhone 4 – again, both screens at the same time
  • iPhone 3GS – You can replace just the LCD or the touchscreen independently of each other
  • iPhone 3G – As with the 3GS, both screens can be replaced seaprately
  • iPhone 2G – Also has the option to replace either the digitiser of the LCD screen

Okay, once you know which screens need replacing and which screens you have to replace it’s time to decide on the grade of screen!

Yes, believe it or not there are more choices than you might imagine. Mobile phone parts are a bit like car parts in so far as, you can buy parts made by the manufacturer, parts made by another company for the manufacturer or parts made independently. With the latter, there are also different grades of screen.

Some screens are cheaper because they are thinner. So whilst making savings initially by purchasing cheaper screens, these types have a tendency to break and crack a lot easier that the more expensive or original screens.

You can also on occasions, get hold of used screens. These are reasonably priced and are often originals that have been refurbished. As long as you buy from a reliable source and some form of guarantee is included you should be okay.

My advice would be to always go for the most expensive screen you can afford as spending a few pounds more now could save a lot more than a few quid in the long term.

Remember! When putting everything back together after carrying out your iPhone Screen Replacement, each screw has its own particular place and putting certain screws in the wrong place will cause untold damage to either the screen or other vital components of the iPhone.

If you are unsure or a little nervous about doing the repair, then don’t risk damaging you phone. Take it to someone who knows what they are doing. Just search for iPhone Repairs Cardiff and you should have plenty to choose from.

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